Co-operative European System for Advanced information Redistribution

CESAR stands for Co-operative European System for Advanced information Redistribution. is the common European website for transport related information exchange between intermodal operators and their customers. The objective is to attract more logistics companies to use intermodal traffic through offering one standardised sector interface, created and maintained in co-operation, regardless whether the intermodal services the operators offer are produced in competition or collaboration.

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The guided tour document presents an interactive tour in the Cesar application, allowing you to test the main features of the Cesar tracking and tracing system.

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Customer Brochure

You are a transport or logistic company. You have an access to the Internet You are a regular customer of Cemat, Hupac or Kombiverkehr ...

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A group of CT operators has decided to work on a common co-ordinated client communication system to make better use of the modern information techniques for a harmonised user-friendly European approach. The partners involved in the company are :